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Beberapa hari yang lalu, ada sebuah projek dimana aku diminta untuk membuat sebuah aplikasi yang membutuhkan webcam untuk proses absensi misalnya. Core dari aplikasi ini adalah webcam dimana user yang mau absen mereka harus selfie untuk memvalidasi apakah user tersebut benar.

Well, aku sudah coba search beberapa artikel dan mencoba — coba. Namun beberapa kali mencoba lumayan ribet. Diartikel ini aku ingin membuatnya menjadi super sederhana. Hanya dengan 3 Step doang, here we go.

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This article creates after I got some requests about how to create a QR Code using PHP, I search on google and I got many articles to explain that. Some articles I think too hard to understand and on the other hand, I don’t know how to use them Until I got code from GitHub t0k4rt who creates plugin phpqrcode.

This plugin save our life with only three step :

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I have error when trying to upload file on my web application using centos server. Then i do something like this :

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I wanna install Adonis, I do step by step on website adonis like below :

Have you practice article about Route and Controller before ? Of course now you know how to create simple API but without connected with your local server or database. Day 3, We will practice to get data from database and how to implement Global Api Concept.

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A. Flow Global API Concept

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Day two, I will tell you about developer flow using Code Igniter 4. This framework implement MVC seems like lumen / laravel. So you will found route, model, controller, and view. If you never using MVC framework. Let me tell you the developer flow, let create one API with code igniter.

A. Setting Database

Open your project folder than go to app/config/database.php. Make sure that you have create new database before you registering on CI. Change configuration as your setting.

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Hi I’m Chalid, I will write anything that i learn in code ignitor 4. Honestly i ever use code igniter just for update some feature in project but never use it for development application from strech, After someone ask me about code ingnitor 4 that similar with lumen. I really interest to explore, what’s new with this framework. So I want to explore this framework and share with you. Let’s get started.

A. Download Code Inginter

First, we must go to website code igniter and download the newest version of this framework. You will get file archive file with small file size. …

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I’ve find out how to create simple sending email using PHP in many articles, I try it and i failed, untill i found an article that explain with very clear. Definately, i’m still got problem and i got the solution to solve this.

I start with requirement that you should prepare before we try to build this and By the way, i using windows 10 for this example but you still practice this in linux.


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This is the first time i study and write articles about Go Language, I will share all of my journey using this language. Let’s start with a very simple task. Install Golang on your computer.

A. Golang Installation on Windows

if you’re using windows. It easy to install golang. Download an installer first in this link and choose installer like your windows specification bit. After all, just open the installer and follow installation guide, Usually just click Next until installation process is done.

Basically Golang will installed on your computer in directory c:\go, and that PATH will automatically register on PATH Variabel Windows. If you…

This very simple sharing, i just wanna create simple image modal with boostrap and native javascript. Let’s check this out.

As you see on above, I create simple modal using Boostrap that i linked on image. When image click, it will show modal that contain image and caption that i get from image alt.

Normal Condition :

When it Click :

Chalid Ade Rahman

PHP Programmer | PT Electronic Data Interchange Indonesia | Question :

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