#1 Getting Started Code Igniter 4

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Hi I’m Chalid, I will write anything that i learn in code ignitor 4. Honestly i ever use code igniter just for update some feature in project but never use it for development application from strech, After someone ask me about code ingnitor 4 that similar with lumen. I really interest to explore, what’s new with this framework. So I want to explore this framework and share with you. Let’s get started.

A. Download Code Inginter

First, we must go to website code igniter and download the newest version of this framework. You will get file archive file with small file size. I don’t know if the newest code igniter is very lite.

B. Install Composer

Seems like other framework you must to put code igniter installer on server folder, you can put on htdoc (windows) or var/www/ (linux). Then install composser. just follow composer install guide here

C. Composer Install

Open terminal or CMD then go to project folder then type composer install to install all vendor that needs in code ingniter. If all your vendor was downloaded you will get message like this.

D. Hello World

How to check if your installation done ? Simple, just open your project folder on browser. Type (localhost/your_ci_folder/public). if you get page like this, you got it. your installation success.

E. Trouble Shoting

When you try this tutorial and got some error, you can write on comment then i will write on this. So this is all of trouble shoot that i found.

1. Composer: The requested PHP extension ext-intl * is missing from your system.

I get error like this when i execute composer install on terminal / cmd. if you got this error it mean, you didn’t uncomment ext-intl on php.ini.

How to solve, just open your php.ini configuration then uncomment ext-intl. follow this guide.

Open configuration php.ini

Then, search intl. after that just remote comment (;) on extention=intl like below.



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